The magic behind the brand and Producer


Music Producer and Proprietor of Layird Music

Music has always been apart of my life going back as far as I can remember. Being a music producer wasn’t the original career path as I wanted to be a singer. From a child I would sing anywhere and anytime I could and eventually taking voice lessons.

However, as life progressed, I became more interested in creating my own music oppose to singing music by other artists. Realizing that I could inspire artists and song writers through my music, I decided to learn the basics of the piano, music theory and I received my first music program as a Christmas gift.

The music I created was inspired by a few artists I looked up to, such as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I always felt they brought such a uniqueness to Hip Hop music and for the rest of my music career I wanted to do the same with my music no matter what genre I chose to make.


Sounds that take you places

Layird Music represents a collection of uniquely styled music that goes beyond the standard sound.

For me, it’s about creating music that tells a story from beginning to end. My goal is to make you feel something and take you on a mental journey as you listen to my music.

Layird Music was built on a passion for the craft and is developed to inspire those who share a mutual love for music.

I’m always looking to create new, interesting and professional tracks. My personal style tends to fall under Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop, but I’m always willing to try something new.

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